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[spoiler] kristin sobre skate na finale

Olha o que ela disse sobre skate:

Anna in Cardiff, England: Please, any hints for this week's episode of Lost? Can I expect something between Sawyer and Kate?
All we can say is that after you see the finale, you'll understand why season five of Lost has not handed you Sawyer and Kate on a plate.

Ela diz que a gente vai entende na finale pq não nos deram Kate e Sawyer de bandeja durante a 5ª temporada.

Pra mim isso eh um spoiler bom, se a gente pega mais esses dois spoilers que ela já tinha respondido:

Gisselle in Tampa, Fla.: When are Sawyer and Kate getting back together on Lost?
No time in season five, but check back for season six. You should like what you see... (P.S. Exec prod Eddy Kitsis says, perhaps jokingly, pherhaps not, "Season six is free to be you and me. Do what you feel.")

MP: Is that stuff about Skate in season six reliable?
Ummm...not to spoil everybody for everything ever, but based on reading Harry Potter up through Half-Blood Prince, I can reliably tell you that Ron and Hermoine get together in Deadly Hallows. Either that or everybody dies, but Hermoine-Draco? Not ever gonna be canon.

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