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comentario do darlton na Recap

Pra quem quise le o que Darlton falo de skate nessa recap *-*
Ta ingles, mas irei posta a tradução resumo da Ana Ford primeiro:

Damon disse que Kate está vacilante emocionalmente por ter rompido com Sawyer e é por isso que ela pega Aaron. Fala sobre como ela amava esse homem e está tendo dificuldades para se recuperar após perde-lo. Jack rompe com ela por que ela não contou o que fazia para Sawyer e fica ciumento.
Kate não percebe que estava usando Aaron para se curar da ferida que Sawyer deixou em seu coração, mas Cassidy aponta isso para ela.
Sawyer e Juliet não tinham nada como "fogos de artificio emocional" de Skate e uma vez que Kate e Sawyer puseram olhos um no outro, toda sua quimica voltou.

E agora em inglês:

Kate's segment -

Damon: Kate is raising Claire's son Aaron as her own. She knows that Claire, who's Aaron's mother, is now gone, and the only way that she can protect Aaron is to say that he is hers. And we later realize (clip of spectacular kiss and helicopter jump plays) Kate is still emotionally reeling from Sawyer's decision to jump off of the helicopter. This man that she really loved left her, abandoned her, decided to stay behind on the island. (Clip of Cassidy calling Sawyer a coward) She's trying to heal the emotional scar left by Sawyer taking himself out of the equation. (Clip of Jack telling Kate Sawyer chose to stay) And ever since that moment Jack has wondered, What did he say to her? And the fact that he still has this jealousy, What does this mean for them?

Later during the Ben segment -

Damon: Kate doesn't realize that she's replacing the wound left by Sawyer with Aaron. (Cassidy tells Kate "Because you took him, Kate") Ironically it's pointed out to her by an ex-girlfriend of Sawyer's. ("Sawyer broke your heart, how else were supposed to fix it?") So Kate has a change of heart, she returns Aaron to his grandmother (Kate/Carole scene)

About time travel -

Carlton: Our characters have these encounters with things that took place in the island's past, and none is more significant than Sawyer wandering through the jungle and seeing Kate helping Claire give birth. This is an incredibly powerful, emotional moment for him. (clip plays)
Damon: And we realize that this is also the night Locke first saw that light shining out of the hatch. All of these things are happening for a reason, so to tamper with them is kind of like cheating. (Locke tells Sawyer he needed the pain to become who he is today.)

Sawyer's segment -

Damon: And over the course of that time, Sawyer sort of finds himself in a leadership role. And he's really good at it. (LaFleur stuff plays)
Carlton: Here's a guy who was always sort of an outsider and a bad boy and a rebel, he is actually now the head of security in the Dharma Initiative, he's well-respected. Sawyer's got a whole security team that works for him, most notably Jin and Miles happen to have been assigned to security as well.
Damon: People like him, he doesn't ruffle any feathers, they have a truce with the Others, so the biggest issue that he's dealing with is probably drunkenness.
Carlton: More significantly, Sawyer's begun a romantic relationship with Juliet. (flower clip) And they're cohabitating and they have a wonderful life.
Damon (joking) What does that mean, living together?
Carlton: That means they're living together.
Damon: Oh, okay. Then they are cohabitating. At least until our characters return. (Sawyer gets the phone call) Sawyer and Juliet get along great, there's none of the sort of emotional fireworks that existed between he and Kate. But now Kate's back (reunion clip with sappy music) and as soon as they see each other, that chemistry just locks in for both of them.
Carlton: And that throws a big wrench in the mechanism.

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