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Entrevista em espanhol de Josh e Evi

Saiu uma entrevista em espanhol dos dois, aqui está a parte traduzida pelo inglês onde envolve skate:

Her: Kate truly and genuinely loves both [Jack and Sawyer]. I've been thinking about this to myself for six years and done research on it. It is possible to love two people at once. There is a different kind of love for each one. When I watched Kate in the third season, I wanted to hit her over the head with something. She was quite fickle, from one to the other and back again. I was desperate, but not anymore. It's nice to see how she can now love them both without having to jump from one bed to another.

Him: I completely believe it: it is possible to love both of them at the same time [Juliet and Kate]. They are different kinds of love. Kate simply exists. And Sawyer's love for Kate is undeniable. Both have tried to avoid it in every way possible, but it doesn’t matter: they get stuck together once again [Holloway gives a clap and narrows his hands]. On the other hand, the relationship with Juliet is different. He chose that relationship. It's something that requires nurturing with friendship and sacrifice.

Aqui está toda a entrevista original.

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